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Joypod is a show that is supposed to be about video games, but ultimately results in the three presenters - Michael Fox, David Turner & Sean Bell - judging each others lifestyles and gaming habits.

It gets quite heated at times, but that's OK because the guys have been podcasting together now for over 3 years, meaning that their hate for each other is genuine. Joined by a few friends here and there and along with the odd guest presenter (some of them are very odd) Joypod is a podcast for the less hardcore gamer who just wants to hear two idiots try and wing a show every week.

They talk about what they play, where they've played it and what would happen if Lara Croft went on a date with that Unicorn in Peggle. Oh! the hilarity. They also discuss your questions in the forum and even emails, so feel free to get in contact by emailing

Joypod 28 - Morally Addictive


Addiction with morals.

Joypod 27 - Inbetweening


With Special Co-Host Blake Harrison, that's Neil from the Inbetweeners

Joypod Episode 26 - From China With Love


A whole new country of gaming

Joypod 25: A Video Games Podcast


We actually talk games

Joypod 24 - A Bit Spoilery


Portles and Chortles

Joypod Episode 23 - We Think


Also Know As The Mass Effect Podcast

Joypod Episode 22 - Getting Lucky


It's The New Emailer Special!

Joypod Episode 21 - Stealing Coke


This week the boys talk about games for far too long.

Joypod Episode 20 - Goodbye Capone


A sad show sees the departure of long term contributor Capone_Adam but he leaves with a bang

Joypod Episode 19 - 'In 3D'


Take off those fancy glasses.