Paul Jackson

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Video Game Makers Honoured by Queen News

Also ex-ELSPA head

31 Dec 2009

ELSPA Calls for PEGI as 'Sole' Games Rating System News

Currys adds to ratings confusion

30 Apr 2008

UPDATED: European Commission Targets Games Industry News

EU says PEGI needs improving

23 Apr 2008

TV Psychologist Starts Violent Video Game Review Today News

The Tanya Byron Report On Violent Games Launches

09 Oct 2007

New Rating System For Online Games News

BBFC claims that publishers want it to do the same.

05 Jul 2007

ELSPA Director on Manhunt 2 Ban News

Paul Jackson, Director General of ELSPA speaks out

19 Jun 2007

Prime Minister Blair's Love For UK Games News

Well, he kind of says this, according to ELSPA

08 Mar 2007

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