Mass Effect 4 in Mid Development

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Mass Effect 4 in Mid Development
Mass Effect is a series hailed for its gaming innovation, sexual ambiguity and shooting stuff in the face with awesome space guns. And it's about time we had a new one.

We've been waiting for one since 2012 when Mass Effect 3 hit on all formats that were worthwhile back then. So recent news from Bioware Montreal studio director Yanick Roy is encouraging.

In this Tweet exchange he states:

"Jack Mayall @Jackmayall5757: how far along is the next mass effect, I've read some reports saying early stages development and some saying late stages :P"

"Yanick Roy @YanickRRo: Too late for one, too early for the other... So I guess we're somewhere in the middle? :-)"

So, mid development... are you excited?


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