Metal Gear Franchise Breaks 31m Sales

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Metal Gear Franchise Breaks 31m Sales
Hideo Kojima just had a talk this past weekend at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. To celebrate his face, and all that is good within the museum's Art of Video Games exhibit, Konami thought it was a good opportunity to let everyone know just how well the Metal Gear series has sold in the franchise's lifetime.

And they're really quite impressive. Since Snake's introduction in 1987 with the original Metal Gear on MSX, the series has sold over 31 million units. That's over a 25-year period, counting up until December 31st 2011.

Good to see such a strong performance for a beloved gaming franchise - and it's little wonder that Kojima still finds the time to create new adventures for Snake, even after implying (several times) closure for the brand. We wonder how many cars Kojima-san has.


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