BAFTA Nom and 'Massive Update' for Magnetic Billiards

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BAFTA Nom and 'Massive Update' for Magnetic Billiards
Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint iOS co-developer Ste Pickford wrote an article for SPOnG called 'What is Wrong with Video Game Awards' (still worth a read BTW) in which he called out BAFTA's awards process for video games. Now his game Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint iOS has been nominated for a BAFTA.

So, good things can happen and change can occur with a little bit of effort.

In terms of the nomination, "BAFTA Video Game Awards Nominations for 2012 were announced last week, with Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint named as one of only six games in the Mobile & Handheld category, alongside products by big hitters EA, Nintendo and PopCap."

Ste Pickford is quoted as stating that, "We're flattered to be included in this year's BAFTA nominations list and it shows that great games are all about great ideas and playability, not enormous budgets and massive marketing campaigns. We hope our nomination encourages more people to seek out fresh, innovative titles like ours."

In terms of the update:

Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint. Version 2.0 will contain several improvements, as well as new features and content:

* Pegs added to new Classic Game tables
* Struts added to new Classic Game tables
* UNDO feature
* REPLAY feature
* 20 new Tricky Classic Game tables
* 20 new Fiendish Classic Game tables
* Squish prototype added (a potential future Arcade Game)
* ISMMTTM prototype added (a potential new game)
* Hall of Fame added
* Relentless Arcade Game now free
* New icon and logo
* Usability improvements and bug fixes

This update will be available on the App Store within a week or so. Video blogs of each new feature are available on the Magnetic Billiards blog.

Full info on the award and update can be found here.

Congrats all round.


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