Pickfords Bring Classic SNES Game Back to Life

Magnetic Billiards team with comic take on a classic

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Pickfords Bring Classic SNES Game Back to Life
"There are a couple of reasons we decided to do a Plok comic", Ste Pickford told SPOnG this morning after unveiling his and his company's latest venture, not a game but a webcomic: Plok The Exploding Man.

The comic will follow the adventures of Plok as he wakes up after 20 years of sleep to discover that the modern landscape of video games is not quite what he expected it to be. So, does this mean the end of games development for the Pickfords? Why the hell are they doing it? Ste spoke to SPOnG:

"The main reason is that the sheer amount of emails we were getting from strangers asking about Plok, asking for a sequel, asking for a re-release, or telling us about speed runs and videos, finally got to us and we decided we wanted to do something with the character.

"Games take a long time to make so a comic seemed like a good way to get something out there much more quickly", he continued.

"We're not the fastest developers. Inventing original games (which is our speciality) takes a lot longer than other types of game development, with lots of R&D and abandoned prototypes along the way, so we actually go a long time between product releases - it's regularly two years or more between games for us - so we thought a regular comic might be a good way to get something out more often - daily or weekly - to remind people that we're still going."

But it this the end of games development from the Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint boys??

"The comic strip is going to be a fun 'evenings and weekends' type of project for us though. We're still spending all day every day working on new games."


More info right and a look at the comic here.


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