Guild Wars 2 - PC

Also known as: Guild Wars 2: Collector's Edition

Got packs, screens, info?
Requires: Mouse, Internet Connection, Keyboard
Viewed: 3D Third-person, over the shoulder Genre:
Adventure: Role Playing
Media: DVD Arcade origin:No
Developer: ArenaNet Soft. Co.: NCsoft Europe
Publishers: NCsoft Europe (GB/GB)
Released: 28 Aug 2012 (GB)
Ratings: PEGI 12+


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Guild Wars 2 is the massively multiplayer online role-playing follow up to ArenaNet's popular Guild Wars.

The game takes place in the land of Tyria where five great races have waged war against each other in an attempt to gain and keep power. What they did not expect was that the mighty Elder Dragons led by Zhaitan would rise up and their mighty powers would cause death and destruction. The dragons did not stop there though. They also made armies of the undead to serve their purpose.

Zhaitan also raised the sunken nation of Orr, triggering earthquakes and tidal waves and destroying civilzations across the Sea of Sorrows.

So, the player must now choose to put aside the jealousies and competition of the five races, team up as part of the guild called Destiny's Edge and defeat the dragon horde.

The game features an updated version of ArenaNet's original Guild Wars engine. It now comes with real-time 3D environmental construction and deployment. These can be explored and of course fought in using characters that are created using a combination of five races and eight professions.

The race are Humans, Charr, Asura, Norn – all of which appeared in the original game. Guild Wars 2, however, sees the introduction of the Sylvari. In terms of professions (classes), these are Scholars, Adventurers, and Soldiers, each of which is designated by armour class moving from light to heavy.

If the success of the original Guild Wars is anything to go by, players can expect a truly epic experience!