Madden NFL 11 - Wii

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Madden NFL 11 (Wii)
Also for: PS3, Xbox 360
Viewed: 3D Third-person, floating camera Genre:
Sport: Football - American
Media: DVD Arcade origin:No
Publishers: Electronic Arts (US)
Released: Jul 2011 (US)
Ratings: PEGI 3+


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Americans love their football – despite it really being 'Rugby with Padding,' that is. But that's okay, because the people's enthusiasm for the sport is just as great as the Europeans' passion for football (sorry, 'Soccer'). As a result, the Madden series has been a staple for American gamers. It's no surprise then, that Madden 11 comes along with a slew of new features.

For a start, the game introduces GameFlow, an all-new playcalling system that chooses the best play for your team's current situation. It's all based on authentic NFL game plans, and cuts down the amount of choices the player has to one. If you don't fancy that, you can interrupt the automatic plays and take over when the game matters most.

The Franchise mode has been completely overhauled, offering four key components in Campus and Perks, Legacy, Assistants and Scenarios. Assistant coaches guide you through every scenario and the pressure is on you to build a football team and lead them to the championships, into victory.

There are other things to worry about now, with weather-based effects offering a new dimension to the Madden gameplay. November and December schedules offer wet and icy fields, while other seasons bring mud and snow which can hamper your chances of winning. The experience is further underscored by stadiums recreated from the ground up, and updated team uniforms.