Golden Axe - Gizmondo

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Also for: PC, Wii, Sega Megadrive, Amiga, ST, NEC PC Engine, Sega Master System, C64, Spectrum 48K, Amstrad CPC
Viewed: 2D Side-on, Scrolling Genre:
Beat 'Em Up
Arcade origin:Yes
Soft. Co.: SEGA
Publishers: SEGA (GB)
Released: Unreleased - Incomplete (GB)


One of the most warmly remembered of the Sega Master System classics, Golden Axe was first introduced in 1989, and brings to mind mythical, old world heroes like Conan the Barbarian.

It pits you against monsters, stone men wielding clubs, dragons and almost every sort of mythical enemy imaginable. Its beauty is its simplicity. Prepare to be addicted to battle.