Modern Nostalgia: SEGA Mega Drive Handheld Ready to Go

Rose-tinted specs sold seperately

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Modern Nostalgia: SEGA Mega Drive Handheld Ready to Go
Do you miss the 1990s? Friends, Oasis, Tab Clear, grunge... Well, all of that stuff's gone forever or at the very least totally past it, so get over it. You can have a piece of nineties gaming in the form of Blaze Europe's Handheld Mega Drive, which just hit shops, however.

It comes complete with 20 built-in Mega Drive games, including Sonic and Knuckles, Golden Axe, Shinobi, Ecco the Dolphin and Columns.

Other titles on there that you may or may not remember and/or care about are, Alex Kidd - Enchanted Castle, Alien Storm, Altered Beast, Arrow Flash, Crackdown, Decap Attack, Dr Robotnik?s Mean Bean Machine, Ecco Junior, Flicky, Gain Ground, Jewel Master, Kid Chameleon, Sonic Spinball and Shadow Dancer.

We could, at this point, follow Blaze's lead and make a bunch of funnies about the Spice Girls and such things, but frankly we think they should be left undisturbed. Instead, we'll just let you know that the handheld costs 29.99 and does everything you'd expect a portable SEGA Mega Drive to do.


Daz 13 Oct 2008 12:09

but I think I'll stick with the console where I can buy games off eBay for mere notes, rather than a handheld with only 20 games for 30 notes
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