Mega Man X Command Mission - PS2

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Mega Man X Command Mission (PS2)
Also for: GameCube
Viewed: 3D Third-person, floating camera Genre:
Adventure: Role Playing
Media: DVD Arcade origin:No
Developer: Capcom Soft. Co.: Capcom
Publishers: Capcom (GB)
Released: 19 Nov 2004 (GB)
Ratings: PEGI 7+
Accessories: Memory Card
Features: Vibration Function Compatible, Analogue Control Compatible: analogue sticks only


The Mega-Man series of games has been fuelled by the winning platform-shooter formula for nearly twenty years now, but for 2004 the franchise has finally received a new lease of life, entering the hardcore realm of the role-playing game proper with Command Mission.

Developed by the team behind the fifth instalment of Breath of Fire, Command Mission is not the action RPG you might expect it to be. Instead of the real-time play mechanic of, say, Star Ocean, the Capcom epic employs a more traditional and strategic turn-based method. This sees both allied and enemy parties taking a backseat to the proceedings until they are called upon to take their turn in battle and deal damage to the opposition by whatever means available to them.

There are several ways to inflict injury to the enemy, that enlist the help of an arsenal of primary and sub-weapons, all governed by an energy meter that depletes with use and replenishes with rest. It's a great means to inflict multiple attacks, and though it adds an extra element of strategy to the proceedings, there are more exciting ways to compete in battle, the most obvious of which is the ability for combatants to transform into more powerful versions of themselves. These superior beings are far more capable on battlefield, but are hindered by their lack of turns in combat. It's yet another option the player must consider before making any concrete decisions.

A strictly linear adventure in which players follow a set path and gain allies along the way, the futuristic theme and setting of the Mega-Man universe remains intact for Command Mission, bringing with it a variety of faithful and vibrant locales and some very familiar faces that happen to include Zero and Axel of Mega-Man X fame.

The game as a whole is spread over some ten sizeable episodes, each every bit as entertaining as the next, and will be a breath of fresh air to many tired Mega-Man fans. But its appeal to the RPG audience is commendable too, and with any luck, Command Mission will be the first of many in Capcom's hopeful sub-series.


Mega Man X Command Mission - PS2 Artwork