Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes - GameCube

Viewed: 3D First-person / Third-person
Genre: Strategy: Stealth / Combat Game

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Pre-Easter Peak Week Sees Snake Sneak In News

Metal Gear out-stealthed by Pandora as this week's UK top ten is revealed.

30 Mar 2004

March 26th for The Twin Snakes Press Release

Konami of Europe’s first Metal Gear Solid title for Nintendo GameCube gets definite release date.

23 Jan 2004

Metal Gear Solid Set For GameCube in 2004 News

Nintendo finally gets Tactical Espionage Action.

28 Dec 2003

Nintendo Europe 2004 Releases - Things Looking good News

GameCube and Game Boy Advance schedules of justice!

24 Dec 2003

Konami’s ECTS offerings News

A truly splendiferous line-up.

27 Aug 2003

Metal Gear Solid 2 remake for GameCube News

Rumour mill offers specifics…

21 Aug 2003

Get into Metal Gear Solid News


22 May 2003

Snake Sneaks in to GameCube Line-up News

First details of MGS: Twin Snakes

16 May 2003

Konami get saucy with Solid Snake News

It’s time for some Snake jokes - someone really should have a word with Konami’s Japanese office.

07 May 2003

Kojima and Miyamoto on Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes News

In a kind of PR release style.

02 May 2003

Metal Gear Solid explodes onto Nintendo GameCube Press Release

Konami and Nintendo collaborate to deliver blockbuster action title to Nintendo GameCube.

01 May 2003

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