Galleon - GameCube

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Also for: PC, PS2, Xbox, Dreamcast
Viewed: 3D Third-person, floating camera Genre:
Arcade origin:No
Developer: Confounding Factor Soft. Co.: SCi
Released: Unknown (GB)


In a timeless age of vast sea voyages, magic and swashbuckling adventure, Captain Rhama Sabrier ventures into a mysterious world alive with invincible warriors, eerie shipwrecks, breathtaking battles and epic legends of folklore. With his chiselled good looks, quick wits, and cat-like agility, Rhama is the perfect man for the job of locating and retrieving an ancient artefact of unlimited and unimaginable destructive power before it falls into the wrong hands. But it can't hurt to recruit a couple of helpful young ladies along the way.

Game features

  • Story driven action adventure, from Toby Gard, the creator of Lara Croft, and the original Tomb Raider
  • Richly crafted, immersive story unfolds through hours of action, exploration, challenges and discovery.
  • Traverse a beautiful, completely original world spanning six massive island locations with expansive indoor and outdoor environments to explore.
  • Gorgeous, stylised art, fluid animations and intuitive controls provide a rewarding experience for all skill levels.
  • Perform super-cool moves: Back-flip off a ledge and land effortlessly, Climb almost any surface and Fight like a Shao-lin martial arts master.
  • Add to your Crew! Different characters bring different skills and advantages to conquer challenges, move obstacles and defeat your enemies.