Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? - PlayStation

Viewed: 2D Static screen
Genre: Quiz

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Eidos to Use BUZZ! Controllers in New ‘Millionaire’ News

First third-party publisher to make use of Sony’s buzzers

13 Nov 2006

Outsource – a Media darling finger in all the pies… Press Release

You name the game at EGN/Gamestars Live show in London last week, and Outsource Media will have had something to do with it somewhere along the line.

10 Sep 2004

Outsource Media Going for Gold Press Release

Outsource Media announce that they have been nominated for the 2004 Develop Industry Excellence Award for Services and Outsourcing.

23 Aug 2004

Outsource Media’s Mark Estdale talks about bad cheese! Press Release

No More Cheese!

23 Aug 2004

Babel makes its move into the wireless world News

Lara and Tarrant in the palm of your hand, from the people who put Team17's Worms on Sky TV.

28 Mar 2002

Eidos In Double Millionaire Deal Press Release

Millions more sales in the offing as Eidos and Celador seal another deal.

28 Apr 2001

Millionaire Hits A Million Press Release

Chris Tarrant on tap in over a million homes.

31 Jan 2001

Who wants to sell a million? News

Pop quiz hotshot, name the first game to sell over million copies in the UK?

30 Jan 2001

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Press Release

Phone-A-Friend and tell them the TV quiz sensation of the year is here.

29 Sep 2000

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Press Release

Eidos Interactive, announces it has signed a deal with Celador Productions to publish Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

28 Sep 2000

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