Actua Soccer 2 - PlayStation

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Actua Soccer 2 (PlayStation)
Also for: PC
Viewed: 3D Third-person, floating camera Genre:
Sport: Football - Soccer
Arcade origin:No
Developer: Gremlin Interactive Soft. Co.: Gremlin Interactive
Publishers: Gremlin Interactive (GB)
Released: Nov 1997 (GB)
Ratings: No rating
Accessories: Analogue JoyPad, Memory Card, Digital JoyPad, Multi Tap


Actua Soccer 2 features England captain Alan Shearer, who picks his All Star XI to pit your side against. Unique motion-capture is provided by another England star, Liverpool’s Michael Owen. And the superstar line-up is completed by Welsh pop sensations, Super Furry Animals, with guest teamsters Ghengis Khan and Fidel Castro amongst others.

The BBC’s Barry Davies and Trevor Brooking are on hand to provide commentary in all games. As with the original Actua Soccer, the control system takes a while to get to grips with, but when mastered, can provide hours of fun. Add to this the fact that you can create your own customisable competitions and leagues, and edit the teams and players to your own ends, then the game-playing possibilities are almost endless.

Actua Soccer 2 is a more than worthy sequel to the original, so do as the Super Furries say, and ‘Play It Cool’.