Steve Lycett

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Born: Nov 1974

Steve has a fairly long history with videogames!

Before starting in the industry when he joined Gremlin Interactive in 1997, Steve worked for a number of years in video games stores. First at Just Micro, which was Gremlin's founder Ian Stewarts independant game shop, then at Future Zone stores (the chain of stores purchased then run by Electronics Boutique, prior to it's subsesquent purchase by Game).

On starting at Gremlin, Steve was initially hired as a games tester. After this, and a brief spell on the customer helpline, Steve moved to the position of Lead Tester on a number of games. These included Motorhead (developed by Digital Illusion) and Premier Manager 97. Steve moved into the position of QA supervisor, overseeing the PC output of Gremlin. In this time Steve worked on a number of projects, including Software Refinery's Hardwar, DMA's Tanktics and Wild Metal Country, as well as overseeing testing on GTA2 (which was published by Take Two, though tested by Gremlin).

Steve then moved into the QA managers position, overseeing a number of Gremlin titles, including Actua Soccer 3, Pool Shark, Soulbringer and Body Harvest. During this time, Infogrames purchased Gremlin, and renamed the studio to Infogrames Sheffield House.

Shortly after this takeover, Steve served a brief stint as OEM manager, before moving full time to Production. Titles Steve was involved in the production of include Rally Masters (PC and PSX) (another Digital Illusions game), Men In Black (PSX), Wacky Races (PS2), Superman (PS2 + GameCube).

When Infogrames underwent a restructure, Infogrames Sheffield House was closed.

Steve took a short break from the industry, before joining Sumo Digital, which was formed by Infogrames Sheffield Houses management. Initially, Steves first task at Sumo was to help Revolution Software release Broken Sword 3 (Xbox, PS2, PC), aiding on console requirements and also aiding on video and localisation. This helped forge relations between the two companies.

Steve then aided with QA management on England International Soccer (Xbox) where Sumo were responsible for the titles online play (though the title was developed by Kuju for Codemasters).

Steve then assisted with the mission design on OutRun2 (Xbox) developed by Sumo and publised by Sega. On completion of this project, Steve then produced Toca Race Driver 2 (PSP) for Codemasters, Virtua Tennis: World Tour (PSP) for Sega, Go! Sudoku for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (also creating the games video sequences), OutRun2006:Coast 2 Coast for Sega (Xbox, PS2, PSP, PC) and Toca Race Driver 2006 for Codemasters (PSP) .

Sumo's relationship with Revolution lead to Sumo co-developing Broken Sword 4 (PC) - Steve again aiding with video on this project.

At present Steve is producing Toca Race Driver 3 Challange (PSP) which Sumo are developing for Codemasters, along with a number of titles that are yet to be announced.

Steve's official position at Sumo Digital is Development Producer, although he also acts as a designer and is involved with video as projects require.

Steve regulary posts on a number of internet forums as 'S0L' acting as an unofficial representative of Sumo.

When not at work, Steve enjoys time with his family, gaming, motorbikes and the occasional drink!

Software Highlights from Credited Titles

Steve Lycett's first video game work that SPOnG is aware of is the 1997 title, "Motorhead" (PlayStation) as QA/Test. Of the titles listing Steve within the credits , "GTa2" (PC) has been a best selling title.

Steve's most recent involvement was as QA Management on the 2004 release "Actua Soccer 3" (PC).

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