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Old pals club.
Old pals club.
Amsterdam was the location of choice for Nintendo’s European 3DS launch reveal - and with good reason. The countrymen are known for their pleasant and laid back approach to life, and it also happens to be an excellent party venue. For many reasons. Ahem.

First... The Conference

No measures of substances were necessary to generate excitement among the gaggle of press, developers and publishers eager to get a closer look at the 3DS. Unfortunately, the gaming public wasn’t able to see this excitement from the comfort of their own homes as Nintendo’s opening press conference - broadcast via the internet - was a total snorefest.

Jonathan Ross did his best to lighten up an incredibly uninspiring show, scattered with scripted ‘banter’ and more bland sales spiel than was necessary in ten lifetimes. Nintendo clearly aspired to stage an Apple-esque event, but the problem is that there simply isn’t a European equivalent of Reggie Fils-Aime, let alone Steve Jobs. The excellently vibrant - and pleasantly camp - appearance of charismatic Super Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono was the only highlight in the 90-minute presentation.

However beige the introductory affair was, we did learn of some new details regarding the company’s new handheld. Namely, a date - the 25th March - and a sort-of price at around £230 (even if we did have to check with retailers on that). There was still a lot of excitement about the device during the after-show party, where I had some time to really get into the 3DS and enjoy its many features. If you’re sat on the fence as to whether to place a pre-order or not, I’ve compiled my thoughts into sections to help you make a decision. This is The Good, The Bad and The Ugly for the Nintendo 3DS.

The Good

It is a rather spiffing piece of kit.
It is a rather spiffing piece of kit.
Technically Stunning: The build quality of the 3DS is impressive. Buttons are satisfyingly clicky and the analogue nub (officially titled the Circle Pad) responds perfectly and feels very comfortable. This is an example of how an analogue nub should be done - take note, Sony. Don’t worry about the top screen looking out of place with the bottom screen. You hardly even notice it, and even 2D images on the widescreen display appear crisp and well-defined. And of course, the quality of the 3D technology in general is superb. Execution of the 3D and comfortability will vary from game to game, however.

Core Blimey Guv’nor: Nintendo is keen to please its core fans as well as entertain a wider, more casual audience, and the 3DS looks set to more enthusiastically cater to the ‘real gamer’ in a very big way at launch. We’ve got Nintendo 64 classics like the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Starfox 64, Virtual Console capabilities for Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles, long-awaited re-introductions of loved characters such as Pit in Kid Icarus: Uprising and more besides. Not to mention the staggering support from Capcom, Ubisoft, Tecmo Koei and Konami. Those who have lamented the lack of Wii core games will be pleased with this console’s launch.

Ono-san, man of the hour.
Ono-san, man of the hour.
Augmented Reality Games: 3D is the obvious unique selling point of the handheld, but one feature that shouldn’t be overlooked is built-in capability for augmented reality games. This has the potential to be huge. We’ve already seen how iPhone developers have been able to turn the real-world into an exciting gaming experience, and Nintendo’s own tech demo had sparks of the same exciting air of experimentation that the company was once known for years ago with the Game Boy Camera and e-Reader.
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config 21 Jan 2011 14:49
page1, pic3. For a moment there I thought it was Gaz from SuperGrass "pumping on your stereoscopic handheld gaming platform"
aguest 21 Jan 2011 15:55
Can u ad Zelda to the ugly list? Sure, it looks way better than the original, but really, thats probably the first nintendo main franchise game which looks way worse than third party stuff.
Tom 31 Jan 2011 00:21
well this is a bit of a disition for me. i have had only the ds for a few years -_- that and the system looks good but may i ask a few questions? 1.how long do you think the bartery will last? i mean to start out with it might be a short 45 minutes before the thing runs low on power. 2.how far away is the wi-fi? last i heard the dsi had a distance of 100 feet, but that could be a lie, either that or this thing will be able to contact my freinds house from myne! 3. how is the charging platfoarm? is it actuly able to charge the 3ds or is it only to make it look good? 4.how far out can you move the telescope thing on the pen? i realy am just curious but it seems like somthing to do if it runs out of power XD. 5. i wish i had a job as a mario or luigi mascot!! i have no idia why i have the 5th question
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