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Games: No More Heroes Killer 7
SPOnG: I probably won?t get much of an answer here but I thought I?d better ask ? is there any news on the Project S title you?re working on with Kojima-san?

SUDA51: As you know, that all started going around during Kojima-san?s radio broadcasts from last year, and nothing?s really happened since then ? Kojima-san?s been extremely busy as you can imagine... We?re still thinking about the project, but I can?t really say anything about it.

SPOnG: You?ve been quoted as saying ?One day I?ll make a character cuter than Mario?. Are you any closer to realising this dream?

SUDA51: I don?t remember saying that! That?s really irresponsible of me isn?t it? [laughs] I want to make a title that?s even better than Zelda! As a game designer I like Mario and Link and I think really highly of the Super Mario and Zelda series. It?s amazing that games such as these can withstand the test of time with great stories and lovable characters. It?s fantastic. It?s every designer?s dream to be able to create something that is as flawless as those two series really ? knowing me I?ll end up having a load of violence in my attempt!

SPOnG: Is your violence a gift and a curse, then?

SUDA51: I love creating my games, but if it?s in an attempt to out-cute Mario then it?s a curse! [Laughs] I still need to work on that.

SPOnG: What has been the most rewarding thing about developing No More Heroes?

SUDA51: When I was still halfway through the game it had many things that needed tweaking and improving, and every time we go through a section of the game and iron out all those bugs I really enjoy seeing the game get better and better. I feel really proud whenever I finish modifying the game and seeing it improve over time.

SPOnG: You arrived on the TGS show floor earlier on and I noticed your reaction to the TGS No More Heroes booth as we walked past it. What do you think of it?

SUDA51: I didn?t honestly think that (Marvelous Entertainment) would push my game this much! It?s big isn?t it? I really wasn?t expecting a cos-player for the Shinobu character either.

SPOnG: What games are you most looking forward to in the next six months? It can be from the TGS show floor if you really want.

SUDA51: I?m really looking forward to Assassin?s Creed, and GTA4 as well. I like the look of Level 5?s new game White Knight Story as well.

SPOnG: Suda-san, thank you very much for your time.

SUDA51: Thank you.
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Games: No More Heroes Killer 7

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The Absinthe Review Network 24 Oct 2007 20:31
This is BYFAR my #1 most-anticipated game, even more than Nights, surprisingly. I think I've played through Killer 7 about three times now, and I'm not the one to replay titles I've completed...

...also the last NMH trailer made me slam my head into the wall knowing it won't be out until next year. This game is my Halo 3-equivalent!
Joneser 12 Feb 2008 19:23
NiGHTS? Give me a break - who cares. It's clearly broken and everyone knows it already.

This. on the other hand, looks like the greatest game ever! I do like to get over-excited, but come on. There's a massive amount of artsy creepy killing. Which is how all games that aren't about driving cars should be!
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The Absinthe Review Network 12 Feb 2008 19:40
Look at the DATE of my post, you idiot. I said that FAR before any reviews were published...
Joji 11 Mar 2008 10:24
Good interview Spong. Suda is becoming a bit of a star, like Itagaki for us. Its nice to have more creative types represent their cool games.

I hope No More Heroes does well for him and Grasshopper, despite the japanese apathy to it. Like Killer 7, this is game worth owning.

If only other developers could have this much vision when approaching Wii development.
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