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A Wild West Grand Theft Auto

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Let?s sets the scene for GUN: Showdown: it?s the ol? wild west and Willie Nelson is your dad; he is shot. Just before dying, he lets you into a secret: he is not really your dad.

Those familiar with previous versions of the game might want to stay away from this one, as it seems to be pretty much a straight port. I?m sure there will be those out there who would argue with this.

They would say that there are some additional multiplayer features and some interesting quick-play modes. However, for those of you who played (and loved) the original, you?re going to feel pretty darn bushwhacked playing missions you?ve had already completed.

The controls worked well for me, although they could have been a little better thought out. Often in the beginning, this reviewer found himself hitting the wrong button! That said, the game play is smooth, the quick-draw mode is a lot of fun; the graphics are lovely, and it is not as repetitive as I thought it be.

Though some sacrifices were made in scaling Gun down to the PSP, it is still a good-looking game, filled with some impressive animations, and the unmistakable sights and sounds of a Western. The PSP's widescreen display format is well suited to the game's panoramic views. The audio in Gun Showdown is even better than the visuals, thanks especially to the excellent voice cast for the main characters.

Gun presents itself like a Wild West Grand Theft Auto, you don't need to go straight from one story mission to the next. Instead, you can explore the world and take on some side quests. However, the world of the game is small and, on the PSP it's rather devoid of life. Its two main towns are practically deserted, and there's not a lot to see and do out in the wilderness, though there's a decent number of side quests anyway.

You can seek bounties for wanted criminals, undertake some delivery missions, keep the peace by helping local sheriffs and marshals, and even compete in some Texas hold 'em poker tournaments. Accomplishing these tasks often nets you money or stat increases for Colton's abilities (The main character, or ?Mini Nelson? as I liked to call him!) making them worth your while.

There are two parts to this game that I particularly loved: firstly that quick-draw mode where the world slows down as you get to fire on multiple opponents and take them down ? a kind of matrix style shooting that not only allows for some great kills but also feels soooooo good!

Secondly, the poker, which is different from any other hold?em you have played as it gives you the ability to cheat (not that you would) and hold a card back.
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