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Clouds! Bubbles! Eggs!

Posted 18 Apr 2005 18:08 by
The Nintendo DS desperately needs a killer app. In the face of increasing pressure to deliver and amid something of a first-party top-tier blackout, Sony?s marketing of the PSP as the handheld of choice is managing itself in the eyes of the gaming public.

Catch! Touch! Yoshi! is not a killer app. It also carries that most shameful of lineage ? being spawned from Super Nintendo code which is over a decade old.

You see this is not a true update in the stunning and sublime Yoshi?s Island series, a franchise begot of Super Mario World which at launch featured perhaps the best graphics ever offered up by a home console. Catch! Touch! Yoshi! takes sprites and style sheets from the original game, mixes them up and adds a new gameplay mechanic.

So what?s the point? And is it worth the 20 or so likely to be asked of when it hits the UK under the Yoshi?s Touch and Go! monicker? Remember, this game started out life as an E3 2004 tech demo named Balloon Trip.

You?ll see previews of this game on various slower European sites which rose-tintedly spew about the way gaming has obviously rediscovered fun, how Catch! Touch! Yoshi! (Japanese import version reviewed) harks back to simpler times, before technology mattered and it was all about gameplay.

For want of a better word, this is in the most part bollocks. C!T!Y! does have some tricks up its sleeve, and one play mechanic that makes this game simply unmissable. Allow us to explain.

The fundamentals: This is a game on rails. It scrolls at its own pace. There are two elements: Guiding Baby Mario as he descends through various skyborne hazards and controlling Yoshi with Baby Mario on his back. The controls: In the descent sections you can draw clouds and encircle enemies and items in bubbles. That is all. In the carrying element, arguably the ?main game? portion of YTG, you can jump and flutterjump by tapping Yoshi, draw clouds and encircle enemies and items in bubbles and fire eggs. The only input is the touch panel.

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jumpman 19 Apr 2005 17:53
Is this a positive review or a negative review? That game is great, I've played a Japanese version. But it's not amazing. It's not Nintendo standards.
The DS REALLY needs an amazing game round about now.
When's Metroid coming out....?
TigerUppercut 20 Apr 2005 12:26
In real terms it gets a 9/10
That's pretty possitive.
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Ditto 20 Apr 2005 12:35
Sounds good.

The DS is sounding better and better.
ohms 20 Apr 2005 14:23

Metroid is out Sept I think.

Bender 20 Apr 2005 16:39
Spong F'n rocks.

This is the way I like to read reviews. Honest reviews with plenty of gripes and a real-world, real-player perspective.

I'm an Australian and Nintendo Australia are a bunch of tossers so I have no idea when this is coming out. I'd like to play it. I'd like my friends to play it. I just know my girlfriend will love it - she still plays Bomberman on the GBA (DS) when i'm working on the computer.

Great stuff. Looking forward to it.
And Nintendogs.
And Meteos.
And MK online.
i'll stop.
BraveArse 29 Apr 2005 09:35
Good review - I've got the US version (imported a few weeks back) and I love it to bits. You're right it really is a hardcore game - and it's proof that unforgiving gameplay is good if the game is genuinely fun and challenging to play.

One minor correction (it may well be different for the reviewed Jap version?), you don't have to repeat the falling stage every time... if you get killed at the end of the horiontal section then you get the option to start at the beginning of the horizontal section again, as if you'd just finished the vert section complete with the score you got.
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