Got info on EXIENT?
Full name: EXIENT Ltd

EXIENT Limited is a development house with a focus on the production of high quality titles for small footprint platforms such as Game Boy Advanced, Wireless (WAP and UTMS), Interactive Digital Television and the many Personal Data Assistants (i.e. WinCE).

EXIENT is dedicated to the development of a range of titles, including its own brand of football titles, Total Soccer, along with new sports, licensed based character productions and original concepts.

Software Highlights from Credited Titles

EXIENT's first work that SPOnG is aware of is the 2000 title, "Total Soccer Manager" (Game Boy Color).

The company has been involved titles released on the PS4, Xbox One, 3DS/2DS, PSVita, Wii U, Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, DS/DSi, PS2, PSP, GBA, N-Gage and Game Boy Color. Of these, "FIFA Football 2004" (N-Gage), "2006 FIFA World Cup" (PSP) and "Steven Gerrard's Total Soccer 2002" (GBA) have been best selling titles.

The company's most recent involvement was on the 2013 release "Angry Birds: Star Wars" (PS4).

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