Call Of Duty on Next-Gen Operations

Infinity Wards looks to the future.

Posted by Staff
After the resounding success of 2003?s Call of Duty for the PC, Infinity Ward is broadening its campaign even further. E3 saw glimpses of Call of Duty: United Offensive (an expansion pack for the original) as well as Call of Duty: Finest Hour (the series? console outing). While neither of these two titles will be available before autumn this year, it now looks as if work on another Call Of Duty game is underway.

According to their website, Infinity Ward is ?looking for seasoned next generation console engineers [?] to meet the challenge and expectations for these high-end development platforms?. This clearly insinuates some kind of PS3 or Xbox 2 Call Of Duty game. As development duties for the two COD releases later this year are actually being handled by separate studios, that would also add weight to the suggestion that Infinity Ward is concentrating on next-generation issues.

If you happen to be a seasoned next-generation console engineer looking for work, now?s your chance!


Deviluck 25 May 2004 10:15
Very nice, i can't wait.
Joji 25 May 2004 12:13
Where's the GC version of the original. Was it released or not? If not, when?
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