World of Tanks F2P Beta Kicks Off

Free-to-Play World of Tanks... oh god, erm, good

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World of Tanks Blitz Closed Beta Test
World of Tanks Blitz Closed Beta Test
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World of Tanks Blitz is the free-to-play, mobile MMO version of Wargaming's popular World of Tanks and it's gone into Closed Beta testing.[/b]

So, if you've got an iPad you might want to have a look. If you've got an Android or iOS smartphone then tough, you're going to have to wait.

“Closed Beta is something we have been looking forward to for a long time,” said Andrey Ryabovol, Director of Global Operations at Wargaming. “We hope players enjoy participating in the testing and are anxious to hear their feedback.”

The F2P title (yup, it's bound to mean that you're going to pay for something along the way) features 7 versus 7 player-versus-player gameplay and over 80 tanks and other vehicles from the USA, Germany, and USSR. You play in four classes: agile light tanks, well-rounded medium tanks, powerful heavy tanks and long-range focused tank destroyers.

More info, as well as where to apply for the beta can be found here.


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