Rockstar Delaying GTAV Payments

No emergency payouts until all the bugs are fixed

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Rockstar Delaying GTAV Payments
Rockstar is delaying the 'Sorry' payments it promised to GTAV Online players earlier this month as reported here until all the online bugs are squashed.

The in-game money, called 'GTA Online Stimulus Package' was to be in the form of two in-game $250,000 payments to players affected by server outages and was supposed to be paid this week. Not so it seems. A post on Rockstar's own Newswire states:

"We hope to have an update for you on that very soon. As others have mentioned here, we of course want to make sure player progress loss issues are addressed before providing everyone with their GTA$500K. Thanks for your patience and please stay tuned."

Cheers OXM

This hasn't gone down well and hasn't been followed up at time of writing with any more solid, as you can see from the tweet below:



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