DICE: We Won't Abandon Battlefield 3 Users

Not even when Battlefield 4 comes out.

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DICE: We Won't Abandon Battlefield 3 Users
The Battlefield 4 Beta will launch this Autumn (assuming you pre-order Medal of Honor: Warfighter). Battlefield 3 was released last year. The short space of time between the two has led to some complaining by FPS fans. But DICE wants everyone to just chill out for a second.

"People tend to forget we built three other Battlefield games in between Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 3," executive producer Patrick Bach said to Eurogamer. "That's a natural reaction. People then think we won't support Battlefield 3, even though we have the Premium version, people know we're working on future expansion packs and we've been very open in explaining what we are doing.

"We heard that before with Battlefield 2. It was like, oh, you stopped supporting games! No, we're working like hell, but we haven't announced it yet. We have now announced we are putting a lot of effort into supporting Battlefield 3 and still we get reactions like this. I think it's just sad. We are dedicated to supporting Battlefield 3. People seem to be worried for all the wrong reasons."

You see? So be cool, guys - DICE isn't gonna dump anybody for Battlefield 4. And if they do, well... then... shit.


Steviepunk 24 Aug 2012 16:40
"The Battlefield 4 Beta will launch this Autumn (assuming you pre-order Medal of Honor: Warfighter)."

Are you sure? As far as I remember, the Battlefield 3 beta (which had invites in the previous Medal of Honor) didn't start until around April the following year. Would be suprised if the BF4 beta starts before April as well, and would be doubly suprised if it starts this year.

EA will have bundles of MoH Warfighter DLC to sell everyone, so unlikely they will launch straight into the BF4 beta which would draw people away from the Moh game.
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