Battlefield 4 Gets New Update: New Features, Crash Fixes and Other Fixes

See the full list of notes here

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E3 2013
E3 2013
We don't doubt that you've heard about the ongoing issues with Battlefield 4. We don't doubt it one bit. Don't worry though, help is on the horizon in the form of DICEs most recent update.

What we have for you is a full list of notes from the update; they include new features, PS4 crash fixes and general improvements. Check it out:

- We are currently investigating an issue with the in-game Battlelog not always loading on Playstation 4. Please try to close and re-open it a few times if you experience this, as this sometimes solves the issue. We will keep you posted.
- We are currently investigating an issue with chat messages on disappearing (they re-appear on a page refresh)

- Selecting expansion packs in the Server Browser will now properly filter servers that contain content of the selected expansion pack(s)
- Improved how the Chrome approval of the plugin is handled, so it doesn't require a page refresh to be detected
- In Loadout, the "Set active kit" buttons are no longer shown when viewing others' soldiers
- Added a "Apply to all" button for knives, grenades, vehicle/weapon paints, and pistols in Loadout
- Many items in Loadout now properly display if they require Premium or certain expansion packs to acquire (support for all items coming soon)
- Added the ability to hide images in Loadout
- Various other minor tweaks to Loadout
- Various minor improvements and tweaks

- Fixed an issue with Suggestions, which could cause new Suggestions to randomly appear
- More tweaks and fixes for Custom Region in the Server Browser filter
- Fixed an issue with the Air Mail assignment, effectively replacing it with a new and fixed assignment in the backend
- Fixed an issue where every in Battle Report comments were named "Player" and had the default avatar, when using pagination
- Fixed an issue that caused date-based BF3 Premium content, such as videos and strategy guides, to disappear
- Fixed an issue with Loadout, where the active slot wasn't displayed properly when viewing others' soldiers
- Fixed an issue with Loadout, where the comparison stats bar didn't update correctly when switching weapons
- Fixed the issue where the paint for QBS-09 (and some other weapons) in Loadout would always reset to default
- Fixed an issue where the details bar on Stats and Unlocks pages could collide with the footer
- Various minor issues fixed

Do these cover the issues you've been having? Is your issue not mentioned at all? Let us know in the comments or over on Facebook.


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