THQ: Consoles Will Move Closer to PC Model

The industry market will be broadened.

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THQ: Consoles Will Move Closer to PC Model
THQ has a new president, Naughty Dog co-founder Jason Rubin. And he doesn't believe the console business will stay the same for much longer - he believes the industry will veer away from the $60 boxed game sale and move closer to a "PC model" of mixed-budget retail and digital sales.

He told Game Informer that the fixed price model has forced "a race to make the biggest, baddest-ass game," and he says that diversity in retail and product offerings will be a thing of the future.

"If you walk into a store as a gamer and see a massive $120 million dollar game next to a $30 million dollar game, and a $80 million marketing budget backed that $120 million game up, it's likely you're going to pull that one off the shelf," he said.

"As time progresses, the entire industry will move closer to what we see in the PC model emerging now, which is a lot of different-sized games and different types of games that all get a place in the sun because you can buy things that aren't $60 boxed goods." He concludes that he's excited for the industry to "broaden out" and that gamers will soon see the benefits that the "PC model" he describes brings.

Source: Game Informer


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