THQ: Hardware Changes and Business Model Changes Are Coming

Jason Rubin declares All Change! for the industry

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THQ: Hardware Changes and Business Model Changes Are Coming
THQ president and trouble-shooter Jason Rubin sees a future for console gaming that is very, very different to what we're working in today.

Rubin's job at THQ since stepping in after the departure of the popular Danny Bilson is to check out studios (well, except for the Metro team in the Ukraine because that, is "a little too far"), and report directly back to CEO Brian Farrell. What Jason has seen is interesting.

Asked if he sees a two-tier system with some games demoted to PSN/XBL status his response is telling:

"Yeah, I'm not sure it's Xbox Live/PSN. I think that that's all going to morph. People tend to look at the industry as it is today and besides looking at hardware changes, which they know are coming, they never assume that there will be business model changes.

"And that may be fair because the business model hasn't changed in a long time in consoles. But I think if you look at what's happened and what's working outside of it - mobile, casual, PC - it's going to happen. And when it happens, I think it's good for the gamer because the gamer gets entertainment of a much broader variety, and I think it'll be good for THQ."

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