Crytek to Go Free-to-Play Only

Death of the console seems a little more real now...

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Crytek to Go Free-to-Play Only
Cevat Yerli of Crytek is apparently breaking hearts. He's come out and stated in very bald terms that his company - famed for shooters - is going to kick packaged games into touch and go Free-to-Play (F2P).

Basically, Cevat can't see much of a future in games in boxes and that means conventional console gaming can go and find another publisher.

Baldly he tells Videogamer's Neon Kelly, "As we were developing console games we knew, very clearly, that the future is online and free-to-play.

"Right now we are in the transitional phase of our company, transitioning from packaged goods games into an entirely free-to-play experience.

"What this entails is that our future, all the new games that we're working on, as well new projects, new platforms and technologies, are designed around free-to-play and online, with the highest quality development."


Source: Videogamer


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