Crytek's iPad Fun Title Indicates Consoles Death Cycle

The death of the console is upon us according to Yerli.

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Crytek's iPad Fun Title Indicates Consoles Death Cycle
Crytek's Cevat Yerli is showing off his fun smartphone, iOS-based puzzle game Fibble, which he seems very happy with. Let's say that again: Crytek, fun smartphone, iOS-based puzzle game. He's also talking about the death of consoles.

First of all, surely Crytek fans are shooter fans? Switching to the inclusion of fun puzzle games in the portfolio is like a Heavy Metal label signing a boy band, right? Nope, "I think we can expand our portfolio, without alienating our existing fans. You will still get top-class shooter."

But the console is dead? Translated from German, the answer is:

"However, the days are counted (for) traditional consoles: The hardware is more expensive, and also the production of suitable games would cost two to three times as much as today. This is in clear contradiction to the price trend, as we see it in Smartphone, Tablet and browser games."

So, yes then.

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