Minecraft Sales Hit Vast Numbers - Celebrate!

Millions and Millions and Millions for creativity title that started as indie download

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Minecraft Sales Hit Vast Numbers - Celebrate!
OK, so today is heavy with Minecraft, but that is for one good reason: games like Minecraft from indie dev Mojang are the healthy future of video gaming as a creative force and not merely as the kind of industry that farts out shooters or sacks its staff en masse by email.

According to Markus "Notch" Persson the man who started the entire Minecraft thing: "Minecraft has now sold six million copies."

But it gets better still:

"That's the original PC version only, and doesn't count Android, iOS or XBLA sales", he clarifies.

And then even better, "Counting all formats, we should be at around nine million copies sold, I'd guess? Does anyone at mojang know?"

We await the response! Bless your hearts and minds and souls real gamers!


Sly Reflex 25 May 2012 13:06
That's a pitiful house that has been built in the screenshot.
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