SNK to resurrect - Amazing news!

Neo Geo off to Korea? First details inside...

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SNK to resurrect - Amazing news!
News is emerging that SNK is about to be given a completely new lease of life with a new parent company. Reported by the reliable GameChosun network, SNK in its entirety is said to have been acquired by Pachinco maker Playmore.

Apparently, Playmore has taken all of SNK’s intellectual properties and plans to re-launch the brand under the name SNK Neo Geo. The company will be run out of Korea and will be a global operation to further the SNK and Neo Geo brands.

The company will aggressively fight the flood of illegal game ROM’s and emulation software that infringes on SNK’s copyright in an attempt to rid the web of functioning ROM boards that carry SNK games.

The new company will temporarily be run by the President of Mega Enterprises, the Korean company currently developing Metal Slug 4.

If this breaking news proves to be true, it could mean a complete revamp of the SNK brand, perhaps with new hardware, both in the arcades and at home, to boot. The Korean gaming market is the fastest growing game territory in the world, with Korean gamers already topping the polls as the world’s most active online players.

This news also fuels the rumour that SNK is in disagreement with Capcom over the revenue split for the Capcom Vs SNK games. Capcom seemed the most likely of all companies to snap up SNK’s characters.

We will bring you more news on this in the next few days.


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