All new Xbox Real-Time-Strategy game announced

Plus: Three day porting uncovered inside

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CodeFire's swanky new offices
CodeFire's swanky new offices
California based CodeFire has announced that it is producing an original RTS title for the Microsoft Xbox. Though no details are available at this point, a classic online RTS title is expected.

The company is comprised of former members of some of the industry’s most illustrious companies including Sega, Activision, Virgin and crucially Westwood, the leading developer in the RTS genre.

Interestingly, CodeFire boasts that Henry Yu, its Xbox chief, has managed to port an unnamed game on an unspecified platform to Xbox in just three days. If the original game was a PC title this is understandable, but it is hinted at that the original game was for Dreamcast. If CodeFire has technologies that enable such a rapid porting process from Dreamcast to Xbox, it could be the final killer blow to Sega’s hardware.

More as we get it.


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