Elite Planning ZX Spectrum Relaunch

New hardware and touchscreen ports.

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Elite Planning ZX Spectrum Relaunch
SPOnG still remembers the heady days of the ZX Spectrum some 30 years ago - so it's with an excited mess that we hear plans of original games developer Elite to relaunch the console.

According to the Telegraph, the studio - responsible for a lot of hit ZX Spectrum games - is looking to release a wireless replica of the classic all-in-one keyboard computer. Rubbery keys and all. No idea how it would connect to a TV screen, but the newspaper is speculating that connection with an iPhone could work out. Hm. Think we'll take our chances with a more sane theory.

On top of this, Elite has also been re-releasing many titles from its back catalogue onto Apple touchscreen mobile devices. There are supposed plans to develop for Google Android platforms as well as consoles like the Xbox 360.

The ZX Spectrum will see its 30th birthday in 2012. Let the cashing in on the classic craze commence!


Page 7 Feb 2011 10:33
Hmm I still have my old rubbery keyed speccy, this nostalgia trip will only work if the tapes get right to the end and then fail to load...

Anyone remember LensLok? Now THATS clever computer security!
irritant 7 Feb 2011 10:38
The problem with re-releasing old 8bit games is that as fondly as we remember them, when you actually get them up and running again they just aren't as much fun to play as we remember since games have moved on so far since then.

What they should do instead is re-make the old classics with modern day enhancements.
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Page 7 Feb 2011 10:42
@irritant I agree, try and play GT1 on the ol Playstation, and then marvel at its pixels, and we thought it was realistic...
irritant 7 Feb 2011 11:15
There's plenty of great gameplay to be had from old games, but sometimes they just don't work in a modern environment.

My favourite old, obscure puzzle game Xor is a fantastic example. The game has a near flawless design in my opinion in the way new mechanics are introduced and in the design of the levels which utilise the game mechanisms perfectly. But to play this game now is pretty much torture. A single wrong move messes up the level requiring a re-start and compared to modern games it is simply too unforgiving and you are put off re-trying.

Add a more modern game mechanic of allowing you to undo moves (but have penalties such as no "perfect" rating unless you don't use undo) and it suddenly becomes a lot more accessible.

There's life in them old games yet, but not in their current form.
deleted 7 Feb 2011 13:27
@Irritant, Tomb Raider is prime example of this, Tomb Raider on PSone was awesome, play it today and i cried at the playability and bugs the T-Rex was bloody square like it was made with megablox! but the remake was great and a good example of how to remake an older game by today's standards. OK so i am talking only 2 generations but its enough to see progression.
morcar 7 Feb 2011 15:42
I disagree with remaking games look at how they have killed castlevania putting into 3d and i can name others like Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Contra, Altered Beast and a lot of other classic games.

Stick to how they were and enjoy gaming history.
me 8 Feb 2011 12:01
Hm, where's the link? Might go with my original Timex zx80 compatible.
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