Mass Effect 2 Gets New Character

A master thief named Kasumi

Posted by Staff
Mass Effect 2 has a new playable character in the form of Kasumi, "the galaxy's most enigmatic and cunning master thief." She's due next month in the 'Kasumi - Stolen Memory PDLC pack'. The 'P' there means 'Premium' or 'Pay for it'.

Kasumi Goto, is the lass (as pictured) and she'll be available for 560 Microsoft points on Xbox 360 or on PC for 560 "BioWare points". That's $7 real money.

Aaryn Flynn, Studio General Manager for BioWare in Edmonton comments, "Kasumi - Stolen Memory is a testament to our promise to continue to provide fans with new, compelling, high quality post-launch content."

Prior to the launch of Kasumi in April, also being released on March 23 through the Cerberus Network is the Firewalker DLC pack, which includes five missions taking place on five uncharted worlds. Players will be able to explore planets and engage in combat in the new Hammerhead hover-tank.


ha ha 24 Mar 2010 03:43
sigh... really all black, drappin hoodie... even the stripe of paint/lip stick... they couldnt try to make her look more "Sith" like if they tried....
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