Hines: Fallout New Vegas Starts with a 'Curve Ball'

Bethesda starts the roll-out

Posted by Staff
Hines: Fallout New Vegas Starts with a 'Curve Ball'
Bethesda's ever verbal Pete Hines has been speaking about the upcoming, Obsidian-developed Fallout New Vegas. Apparently it's got some surprises.

"Unlike the previous Fallouts, where you start in a vault and you are a vault dweller, this one starts with a curveball", Pete tells USA Today... yesterday.

One of the main differences between New Vegas and the rest of the post-apocalyptic Fallout universe, says Hines is "Vegas is up and running. It is not a ghost town. It still exists and thrives. There are casinos, and you can go down onto the Strip. It will have a very different feel (to FO3) from that standpoint."



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