Gloom: Eidos Closes Studio

Manchester developers laid off.

Posted by Staff
A rockpool, today.
A rockpool, today.
Back in February of 2007 we wrote that: "Claiming that the global mobile gaming market will grow ?considerably over the next few years from around $3-billion (1.5) in 2006 to $10-billion ($5) in 2009?, Tomb Raider publisher, Eidos, is adding to its existing mobile games stable. It has reached an agreement to acquire Manchester-based Rockpool Games and its two sister companies, Ironstone Partners and SoGoPlay, for an undisclosed sum."

It's now sad that we have to report that, according to Develop Magazine Rockpool has been shut with 14 redundancies. According to Eidos, "As a company we need to focus our efforts on high-quality titles that will deliver long-term franchise value, and in these incredibly challenging and competitive times we need to pro-actively manage our cost base."

So, mobile gaming... not so great unless you're developing for iPhone?



Joji 23 Jan 2009 17:13
A shame, but resources can be used elsewhere. Decent mobile gaming will soon only be available on iPhone, the only phone with enough inside it to handle decent modern games.

Until we get phones like they have in japan (wishful thinking).
Pgface 23 Jan 2009 18:35
Crap studio. Good less crap out there the better!
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