Premier Manager Maker Bought by Americans

Business as usual for staff

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Premier Manager Maker Bought by Americans
Sheffield-based Zoo Digital, publisher of Premier Manager, has been bought by a new global publisher, GreenScreen.

The deal, which was completed for an undisclosed sum, has just been announced. A Zoo representative told SPOnG, however, that the deal was completed "a couple of weeks ago."

GreenScreen also announced the purchase of Destination Software Inc., based in Sicklerville, New Jersey, America.

SPOnG was assured that no jobs will be lost as a result of the acquisition of Zoo. "No, it's very much business as usual. Everyone's jobs are fine. In the coming months there might even be some new additions", we were told.

As for why Zoo was targeted by GreenScreen, SPOnG was told, "They were looking to become a global, or at least Western, publisher. They acquired DSI, who we already work very closely with, so this was the next logical step. They bought a ready-made infrastructure."

GreenScreen stated that Zoo and DSI will form the core of a new casual games label, Zoo Games. The label will continue to focus on what GreenScreen refers to as "the emerging mass-market sector".

GreenScreen also announced that Ron Chaimowitz, co-founder of GT Interactive Software, has taken on the role of CEO at the company.


Joji 24 Apr 2008 12:24
New casual games sector? I hope casual gaming doesn't become the next tomb bomb. I hope they have more planned than that.

Wouldn't be surprised if this led to Zoo having to produce a rival management game for the U.S market, to rival EA's new take on Football Manager for NFL.

Stranger stuff has happened.
Joji 24 Apr 2008 14:41
Stranger stuff indeed. Ex Take 2 CEO involved, I guess this chap doesn't fancy the possibility of a EA takeover at T2.

Nice to see the small guy starting out. Fairplay and good luck to him.
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