Warners Gets LEGO Star Wars

Brothers are serious about games.

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Warners Gets LEGO Star Wars
Having only formed in 2005, TT Games (a merger of publisher Giant Interactive and the developer Traveller's Tales) has now been bought. The Financial Times reports that Warner Bros has paid an 'undisclosed sum' to acquire the Cheshire-based developer and publisher of the LEGO Star Wars franchise.

The FT reports Kevin Tsujihara, president of Warner’s Home Entertainment Group as saying that, "We’re very serious about building this [games business]".

Intriguingly Kevin also indicates that there is more to come, saying, “There will be a number of pieces of the puzzle. This is an important piece but it’s not the whole puzzle.”

Could he mean another purchase of, for example a major UK-based game publisher that holds a major piece of intellectual property? For example a virtual and adventuresome female archaeologist?

Yup, we were thinking that if Warners was going to buy anything it would be SCi...

TT's major shareholder (and founder of Traveller's Tales), Jon Burton commented - we would imagine while stifling screams of multi-million pound pleasure, “After 18 years in the video games industry, the opportunity to become a meaningful part of the world’s leading entertainment company is the fulfilment of a dream".

With a company estimated at around £80million in value, SPOnG says, "Sweet dream Jon!"

Source: The Financial Times



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