Mass Effect Slips To September?

Microsoft remains coy

Posted by Staff
Rumours are flying today that Microsoft's hotly anticipated sci-fi RPG, Mass Effect, has slipped from its expected June release date to September.

The news allegedly comes from a Microsoft press event. In spite of that apparently reliable source, however, Andy Irving, Xbox UK PR manager, told SPOnG this morning, "As yet we don't have a confirmed release date".

Microsoft seems keen to avoid jumping the gun, with Irving also saying, "BioWare just want to make the best game they can." To SPOnG's ears that sounds suspiciously like we should be prepared for Mass Effect to ship even later than September.

If Mass Effect is released in September it will come around the same time as Microsoft's other big first party RPG, Blue Dragon.

SPOnG took a peek at both the titles at GDC recently. You can find out what we saw here.


hollywooda 23 Apr 2007 13:39
I Dont mind if Mass Effect takes a little longer, this game looks the tits!, Bioware make awesome games. I dont want to see this one get rushed out & spoiled.
Joji 23 Apr 2007 15:55
I'm sure Bioware will do a good job of it, but I was looking forward to picking this up next month. September and the run up to xmas is gonna be strangely good and wallet hard for us gamers. There'll be Blue Dragon, Halo 3, Mass Effect plus others. Under the tree is gonna be a tight squeeze this xmas.

Never mind, I'll have to focus n Command and Conquer 3 on 360. Played that demo and it is top class.
hollywooda 23 Apr 2007 16:00
Yer your right mate, but its gonna be a tip top xmas!, all i can think is 2 weeks off work house full of booze & a stack of quality games to plough through!!, better start saving now!. I've been playing the C&C3 demo over the weekend it's class aye?, i wasnt sure if i was gonna like it, RTS games aren't really my thing but this is a deffo purchase.
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