Thousands Of Consoles Recalled

Overheating cables to blame

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The Naruto version of the console
The Naruto version of the console
By Frank Green

Bandai of Japan has announced that it is recalling 135,816 of its 'Let's TV Play' consoles due to overheating issues with its cables. The company has already recieved 17 reports of smoke coming from the affected cables, as well as one account of a cable causing a burn to a child.

'Let's TV Play' is a range of consoles released in Japan that plug directly into a TV, and contain one game, usually based on television programs such as Naruto or Dragon Ball Z. They have been on the market in Japan for a year, selling 173,816 units.

It is also known that a few hundred units of the range have been sold overseas. However, these consoles are battery-powered only so are not affected by the recall.


majin dboy 30 Jan 2007 16:55
dam it spong,tell me what console it is before sucking me into the article and forcing me to read it.

only jokin,love u guys a straight way.
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