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New wii racing titles announced

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Desert frippery on the PS2
Desert frippery on the PS2
Conspiracy Entertainment Europe has announced the release of two new Wii titles for early 2007: Baja Mania and Baja Destruction. Developed by Broadsword Interactive, both titles are racers and both take place in the desert, but where one requires you to race, the other isÖ a tad more violent.

For those of you not familiar with Baja racing, it originates from the Southern Californian desert on the Baja peninsular. Racers compete to build the best off-roader, and the driver with the best suspension, tires and roll-cage stands the best chance of winning; presumably because this gives them the smallest chance of dying.

This isnít Conspiracy's first crack at desert racing; it has also (rather quietly) published titles of the same names for the PS2.

Baja Mania is a straight racing game but, rather than the usual inner-city roads or English countryside, you'll be bouncing around on sand dunes. You can do this in anything from a buggy, a ĎCatí (six wheels, don't ask us why it's called a Cat) to a truck.

Baja Destruction does pretty much what it says on the tin. While itís similar to Mania in that you race opponents, the twist is that you also have to wipe them off the face of the planet. Baja racing meets Mad Max, apparently.

SPOnG is especially looking forward to seeing how these newbies stack up against GT, Need For Speed Carbon and Monster 4X4 World Circuit on the controller front. If anything'll get you waving your arms about like an idiot it'll be dune buggy racing on a Wii.


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