Final Fantasy to See a DS Explosion?

DS destined for Sqenix product outpouring...

Posted by Staff
Trusted sources in Japan are claiming that Square Enix is to bring a massive amount of new content to Nintendo's DS portable, including offshoots from some of the company's most popular titles.

The biggest rumour is that of a Final Fantasy XII side-story, exclusive to the Nintendo machine, that will be a full-price release and complete game, and is likely to be available within the next 12 months. Final Fantasy V has also been mentioned, which - according to reports - will be squished together with number VI in the series.

The Japanese rumour mill is alive with claims that updates of all pre-32Bit RPG offerings of both the former Square and Enix stables will be made available in re-worked and utterly buyable forms to owners of the DS, though at time of going to press, the big talk is centering around Final Fantasy XII being continued in portable form. FFXII has encountered criticism for its linearity and lack of imagination, with many fans expecting a more complete experience. It would seem that Square Enix is set to expand much of its franchise on a format that has surpassed all expectations.

Formal clarification is said to be scheduled for next month's Tokyo Game Show. We'll bring you updates live from the showfloor.


Joji 11 Sep 2006 09:23
Makes sense seeing how much FF3 has shifted just in japan. I just hope Square sort out the same for the Dragonquest games as well as lesser known games like Front Mission and Live A Live. Those on DS would go down well.

I love the FF series but I'm feeling myself drawn towards lesser known rpg games like Shadowhearts, Disgaea and Shin MegaTen series. While I'd welcome a return of the series to Nintendo format, something else is needed.

Still can't believe we haven't got FFXII in the u.k yet (correct me if wrong here), should be interesting to see if we actually get it before PS3. What's with the delay, its been out in the u.s and japan for ages?
ozfunghi 11 Sep 2006 09:38
Interesting, maybe we can expect a "real" FF for Wii in the future? Looks like SE was indeed testing the waters.
soanso 12 Sep 2006 14:41
I agree Joji. Front Mission would be a welcome title on DS. I had to play that on an emulator with dodgy translation but the game shone through. Excellent game.
Also, I'd love chrono trigger on DS. even if it was just a port (a reworked versions would be too cool)
I hated having to play that on an emu too but what else could I do? It never came out here and the US version cost far too much for me to ever get a hold of.
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