GAMEproducer Pays Dividends For Simon and Schuster's Farscape Project

Simon and Schuster Interactive uses GameProducer to source developer for Farscape project.

Posted by Staff
Simon and Schuster Interactive, a division of Viacom, successfully used the GAMEproducer system to identify and select Red Lemon Studios to develop a multi-million dollar game based on the Farscape television series. The game will be an RPG that puts the player in the Farscape universe.

The game is based on the Farscape television series, the top rated program on the Sci Fi Channel. Farscape follows the adventures of astronaut John Crichton (Browder), who joins a motley band of escaped renegades traversing the universe in Moya, a living ship.

After posting an RFP on the GAMEproducer system, Simon and Schuster received 31 proposals from leading development companies throughout the world. After reviewing the proposals and consulting with the GAMEproducer staff, Simon and Schuster created a shortlist of appropriate developers with whom it then met. With Red Lemon's excellent development methodology, brilliant team and solid track record, they easily became the developer of choice for the project.

Liz Braswell, Simon and Schuster's Executive Producer responsible for this project describes the process. "I had just begun the terrible process of finding inexpensive, quality developers who could be relied upon to create an A title on time based on a high profile scifi license. We have had bad experience with this in the past, as people picked off the web or trade journals are an unknown and people are TERRIBLY biased when recommending developer friends. That's when GAMEproducer fell into my lap, saving about six months of tedious searching and the uncomfortable, often useless interviews. For those of us without internal studios, GAMEproducer is a lifesaver and I will certainly use it from now on. It allows me to focus on the creative side of the job more - the actual production.?

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