Operation Winback For PS2

Midas Interactive Ltd has announced plans to bring this exciting new PS2 title to the UK.

Posted by Staff
The original game on Nintendo 64 enjoyed considerable success and the publishers are confident that this new version will capture the imagination of the broader user base of the PS2.

You jump from the burning helicopter gunship directly into the terrorist base. The original mission must still be accomplished; the world's safety depends on it. You don't know where your comrades are or whether they are alive at all. It will take all your cunning, stealth and ingenuity to survive; your skill as a commando will determine the fate of the world.

As Jean Luc Cougar - member of the elite S.C.A.T commando force. Your mission is to regain control of the GULF Strategic Weapons System - Mission Winback! This satellite is capable of destroying several square miles at a time and it's in dangerous hands!

The satellite's destructive capabilities have earned it the nickname "Sword of Angels".

The terrorists make no demands. They plan to attack the European country of Argent indiscriminately.

One of the development team's goals was to provide a new playing experience for shooting game fans. The decision was made to go with an over-the-shoulder view because it gives players more control over character movements than the traditional first person shooter. Only a 3rd person view could accurately represent all of the motions, including the thrilling "swing-out" feature, which allows players to use walls and objects for cover; pop out to squeeze off a few rounds and then drop back under cover as the enemy retaliates.

The sighting mechanism also benefits from this third person point of view. WinBack uses a laser sighting technique rather than the traditional crosshairs method. Once mastered, this allows for precise control over where you aim and therefore fire. This perspective also allows for other cool effects, such as flashlights attached to your weapons to light up dark areas.

Another feature, which sets this title apart from previous Covert Operations games, is the freedom to approach each mission in different ways.

There may be times when it is more prudent to use stealth and take out enemies quickly and quietly, but there may also be times when players feel that blasting their way through enemy lines with sheer force is the most expedient course.

This freedom provides a high level of player interaction for a more thrilling, more player-orientated gaming experience.

Other game features include:

Choice of several different weapons; handguns, shotguns, machine guns, wireless explosives and other secret weapons dotted throughout the game.

Players will run across items such as card keys, flashlights and first aid kits in order to help them in their journey.

There are four main areas comprised of 31 stages that players must clear in order to complete the game.

In addition to the Story Mode, up to four players can challenge each other for endless multiplayer fun, options include Sudden Death, Lethal Tag, Cube Hunt and Team Battles.

There are three different endings, each of which reflects how the player has progressed throughout the game.

Each time a player completes a predetermined set of conditions, they are rewarded with a 3D event cut-scene

For players who want an extra challenge, there is a "BOT" mode which allows for one player and up to seven computer-controlled characters to compete in a death-match style setting.

For more information on this game visit http://www.midasinteractive.com