Mac My Myst Up!

Game Studios announces Myst III: Exile for the Macintosh® as the tradition of best-selling computer game franchise continues.

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Game Studios, A division of the Learning Company announces Myst III: Exile for the Macintosh® as the tradition of best-selling computer game franchise continues.

Game Studios is proud to announce today that Myst® III: Exile is being developed for the Macintosh OS and OSX platforms. The Myst® franchise, which includes Myst and Riven®: The Sequel to Myst, is widely considered to be a cornerstone of computer gaming. Combined, these products have sold over ten million units on multiple platforms since the debut of Myst on the Macintosh in 1993.

"We are very happy to be introducing the third chapter of the Myst series with a simultaneous release on the Macintosh platform. Many key parts of this product's development could only have been facilitated by the tools and capabilities available to developers on the Macintosh," says Dan Irish, Producer for the Myst/Riven product line at GAME Studios. "Presto Studios was the logical choice for this project, considering its experience in adventure gaming and long history of developing for the Macintosh."

Myst III: Exile
As the next chapter in the Myst saga, Myst III: Exile is being developed by San Diego, California-based Presto Studios, a developer with strong roots on the Macintosh platform. They have assumed the substantial task of continuing the vision of Cyan, the original developer of Myst and Riven. Presto is no stranger to developing and publishing successful games; the studio is well known for its work on the award-winning Journeyman Project® games for Mac and Windows. Presto has also developed successful products such as Gundam 0079 and Star Trek: Hidden Evil.

Continuing the legacy set forth by Cyan is no small task, but Presto is more than ready to meet the challenge. As Presto CEO Michel Kripalani notes, "We have been fans of Cyan's work from the very beginning; they've built a wonderfully rich and complex world for gamers to enjoy. We are taking great care in creating a game that is worthy of the Myst name."

Cyan has no apprehensions about entrusting its legacy to this developer: "Presto's philosophies of game design and commitment to excellence have always been similar to Cyan's," says Cyan CEO Rand Miller. "We couldn't think of a more logical choice to design and develop the next installment in the Myst series. We're confident that the next Myst adventure will live up to the expectations of our fans."

Continuing the Myst Saga:

Building on the surreal style of Myst and Riven, Myst III: Exile will feature five entirely new ages for players to explore and hours of new mysteries to uncover. Presto has developed a new panoramic navigation technology to bring the world alive without losing any of the artistic beauty or interactivity of previous Myst games. The story also introduces a new villain, played by Academy Award® nominee Brad Dourif (One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest) who comes from an Age that was destroyed by Sirrus and Achenar, Atrus and Catherine's two sons. Seeking revenge against the family for this crime, he has turned Atrus' worlds into a staging ground for vengeance. How better to destroy a hated adversary, he believes, that to use his own creations against him?

Only by exploring the worlds and navigating their puzzles will the player learn the truth about the villain and confront this vengeful adversary successfully.