California Watersports!

Surf's up for Midas this winter!

Posted by Staff
Midas Interactive Entertainment take the plunge this winter with a new watersports simulation game set to make a big splash on its release in January.

Developed on Australia's Gold Coast, spiritual home of the surfer, this unique game has been specifically created for the PlayStation console. It allows players to free ride surf beaches and compete in wave riding competitions on a selection of surfboards, jet watercraft, windsurfers and bodyboards.

Take some time off, hit the surf and free ride some waves to the popular surfin' tunes of The Penetrators.

The game will feature gorgeous California girls, strong guys and beautiful beaches with a variety of surf conditions faithfully recreated to accommodate shifting sands and wave patterns.

In the free ride option you can play in the surf, learning how to catch and ride the waves, which range from perfect breaking waves to scary, massive reef breaks. When you get confident that you can beat your mates, up to four players can compete together, choosing to go for the biggest air, best wave rides or the most extreme trick in a session.

Allow the game to score your wave rides or select a judging panel who can score your rides. Girls and guys can play or compete together so be careful that your partner does not damage your ego!

For the serious players there is a championship game which challenges the players to earn the trophy for the best overall performance across all the beaches. As you become more familiar with the game you'll learn the benefits of each sport and the secrets of becoming a champion rider.

Midas Interactive Entertainment Ltd is a worldwide developer, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment software for PC CD, Playstation, Playstation 2, Dreamcast and Nintendo formats. The Company has offices in the UK, Holland, Sweden, Germany and Australia.