Black and White

With just over five months left before release, Midas Interactive Entertainment reveals that all is well on the conversion front.

Posted by Staff
Having secured the publishing rights for the Playstation version of Black and White, Midas states that the conversion is as scheduled and looking great. Black and White has become the most eagerly awaited game of all time and finally there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Midas can confirm that the Playstation version will be released in May 2001. This will be one of Midas's strongest titles for the Playstation and with firm interest already from retail we predict this as another potential triple A title.

Working closely with Krisalis and the Lionhead studios on the PlayStation version, Tony Love, Director of Development at Midas comments: "We are all delighted with what Krisalis have managed to achieve on the PlayStation, they are really pushing the hardware to new limits, and as a result the game looks fantastic. PlayStation owners will be able to enjoy the complete Black and White experience and certainly won't be disappointed with what we have done".

Pete Hawley, senior producer at Lionhead Studios who is responsible for the conversion on both the Playstation and Playstation 2 continued: "Black and White has proved to be a phenomenal experience on PC and working on the conversion has been hard work but satisfying". Hawley confirmed the conversions difficulty stating "The whole team's ability has been tested to the full, trying to ensure that the most of the aspects of the PC version can be included in the Playstation version.

On the story Midas can divulge an outline to make you itch for more: The land is Eden and the setting is one of beauty and peace. Eight tribes exist in harmony, working the land, fishing the sea and building homes and farming animals. The only aspect that is missing and longed for is a god.

You enter the game in a time of distress and perform a miracle for the villagers that makes you the god that they have wanted for so long. You gain the worship of a tribe; you are the most precious thing in their life.

Your first decision is what creature to choose from the hidden oasis. The creature is your Avatar, effectively a representation of you within the game world. You must teach this creature moral code. As a god you decide how to treat your people and how to treat your creature. There is not a sense of right and wrong, not like on earth. If you decide to do good your people may be loyal, but they may loose their passion and devotion to you. Should you decide to be evil your followers may worship harder, in fear of your threat. However it may have reverse affects as the dead and injured pile up and the tribe numbers dwindle.

For each scenario that appears in the game you are aided by two advisories who represent the good and evil side of your conscience and they offer comments, hints, advice and clarification as you play. They both have their own agendas, which are diametrically opposed - so it is not just a case of doing what they say.

Not only do the characteristics of the villagers change due to your actions but also your creature changes as a result of the way you treat him. Your creature has a mind of its own and carries out tasks or actions according to how he feels and what he thinks. As he grows and develops he becomes far bigger and stronger than a human. He becomes invaluable in helping your tribe. He becomes an enforcer of law and order, punishing the bad and protecting your tribe and settlements from attack.

The game consists of varying tasks and challenges. For example; how to deal with thieves taking your tribes livestock and finding the sick tribesman lost in the woods and healing him. Can you outwit the gambler on the beach? Your decisions will have an affect on your tribe and productivity.

There will be various methods of solving these challenges. For some you will need to use lateral thinking, with some puzzles requiring deep thought. For others your creature is the tool needed. If taught well he can carry out amazing complex actions such as throwing, carrying, finding and rearranging.

Your moral code is another useful tool as you decide whether to take the time consuming process of healing the sick or you can choose to kill them quick, which may be more practical, however killing is not always the answer and the game is rarely as clear-cut as Black and White.

One of the major factors of your assets is your ability to perform magic. As your tribes grow and worshippers increase, your ability to cast more spells also increases. You will need your ability to cast lightning, create tornadoes and help the poor (to name just a few) to overcome the other gods who want to control Eden.

When two gods paths cross, your creature and the opposing gods creature meet. Whether they engage in battle depends on their personality. Should your creature go into battle you take control of your creature and fight the opposing creature as you would with any fighting game.

These gods all want more power than you and will use their powerful magic spells to try to outwit you and your creature. The battles continue to grow more fearsome as the whole planet of Eden is embroiled.

There is only room for one god in Eden, if you are sharp enough it could be you.