Welcome to Another World

Classic videogame comes to mobile phone handsets.

Posted by Staff
Welcome to Another World
Almost fifteen years after it was originally released on home computers, the critically acclaimed, genre-spanning and award-winning video game Another World is coming to mobile phone handsets, thanks to Telcogames and developer Magic Productions.

Another World will be released in July 2005 for mobile phones using the Symbian operating system. Telcogames exclusively will be making it available to all of their global distribution partners, ensuring that mobile phone owners worldwide will be able to find, download and enjoy this classic games title.

First created by Eric Chahi in 1991 for the Amiga, Another World (released as Out Of This World in North America) was revolutionary. Praised for it's epic scope, cinematic polygon-based visuals and challenging, immersive gameplay, Another World set new standards for videogames. The game was released on most other platforms of the day, including the Atari ST, Sega Genesis (Saturn), Super Nintendo (Famicom), 3DO and even the PC.

Another World places player in the role of Lester Chaykin, a young nuclear scientist. When an experiment goes badly wrong, Lester finds himself transported to Another World – a strange, desolate and very alien land. Now Lester has to try to survive and find some way – any way – back home...

Another World is widely regarded as a classic game. It's been described as “Beautifully cinematic, impressively coherent, challenging and elegant” by online games magazine Idle Thumbs.

Commenting on the release of the mobile game, Eric Chahi, said, “...when I see the result in my hands I'm totally amazed by smooth animations faithful to the original game. But the most stunning point is the intact and responsive playability which was the true challenge to do on a mobile phone. Magic Production succeeds in this 'tour de force'..."

Nicolas Hamel, the Chief Executive Officer of Magic Productions, said, "the development of Another World on mobile devices was a challenge because of it's powerful display engine and gameplay. We had to be very careful that the game would be playable and fun on actual mobile phones. We are very proud of the finished title and believe it runs almost as well as the original. "

Niklas Bakos, the Content Manager of Telcogames, agrees, “We have worked closely with Magic Productions on Another World. From past experience with carriers, portals – and consumers – around the world, we know there is a large market for more complex Symbian titles and we are delighted to be able to bring a game with Another World's reputation and history to mobile phones. Everything which made the original game so incredibly popular and playable is still here. We're looking forward to introducing the mobile version to fans of the original and a whole generation of new players.”

Another World has been created for the Symbian operating system. Symbian allows the creation of games which are much larger and more sophisticated than is possible using Java. This makes it possible to create games which are comparable in quality to those on dedicated handheld games consoles. There are currently over 32,000,000 Symbian phones on the market.