Sunny Delight from Boktai 2

Konami sheds light on Hideo Kojima’s sequel to acclaimed, sun-sensitive Game Boy Advance title.

Posted by Staff
Konami of Europe has announced that Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django – Hideo Kojima's sequel to his amazing light-sensing Game Boy Advance title – will be released in May, and will boast a number of key innovations over its lauded predecessor.

Set directly following the events of the first game, Boktai 2 sees vampire slayer Solar Boy Django and Master Otenko, the Messenger of the Sun, returning to Django's home town of San Miguel, after having dispatched the vampiric undead in Istrakan, the City of Death. However, all is not well in San Miguel, and the Immortals – the force for evil fought in the first game – have unleashed a spell to transform the populace into shambling zombies.

Together, Django and Master Otenko attempt to free San Miguel from its curse, but matters are complicated when a vampire snatches Django's Solar Gun. Thus, unarmed, the player must guide Django through the danger-laden streets of his undead home town, retrieve his weapon and restore sunlight to free San Miguel of its curse.

As with the original game, Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django uses a solar sensor to detect sunlight while the player is using the game, and the brightness of the sun has a real-time effect on events in the game. This allows the player to use the available light to their advantage as they explore dungeons to locate the leading Immortals, before defeating them in combat and dragging them into daylight to finish them off.

Producer Hideo Kojima has extended the use of sunlight in the new game, and it now has a more pronounced effect on the gameplay. Working with the Game Boy Advance's internal game clock, the sensor is used to reflect the light surrounding the player. As such, San Miguel will change from day to night in relation to when it is being played, with the city's undead and vampire inhabitants more active when it is dark, and more susceptible to attack when they recuperate during daylight hours. Similarly, the player can store sunlight to use against the Immortals and activate a special Pile Driver machine – the only device capable of killing a stricken Immortal...

Boasting stunning 3D environments, greatly extended gameplay and tough challenges, Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django is another classic title from the legendary Hideo Kojima. In addition to its clever use of sunlight, the new game is also compatible with Nintendo's Game Boy Advance Link Cable, allowing 2-4 players to work together as they attempt to free San Miguel from the clutches of its undead invaders.

"Original ideas are becoming increasingly rare, yet once again Mr. Kojima has shown his skill for innovating when it comes to video game design," commented Hans-Joachim Amann, Head of Product Management for Konami of Europe. "Boktai 2 is perfect for playing outside, allowing users to enjoy the weather as they battle the game's many adversaries – and use it to their advantage in the game! Thankfully, though, the clever way the game is structured also allows players to progress should the weather change, ensuring that Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django can be enjoyed in any circumstances."

Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django will be released for Game Boy Advance in May 2005.